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I am a secondary teacher of English in Southern Spain. I studied MFL in Jaén and I got a DPSI certificate in Law in England. I started my teaching career in Newcastle back in 2000, where I lived for 3 years. Once I returned home, I taught in a public school and got ready to sit the "oposiciones" exam, which I passed!!! Currently, I am teaching in Jaén, which has become my definite residence in Spain since 2004.

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

"Hacer picón" = To do charcoal*

Both "hacer picón" or "hacer tabaco" are expressions typically used in the passive to say that something has been destroyed, torn to pieces. The image is so plastic that it can be used to refer to a person being tired.
La tele está hecha picón / tabaco.
No voy a salir, estoy hecho picón / tabaco.

2 comentarios:

  1. hi!I 'm from Madrid and we say "estar hecho picadillo",when u r so tired or when something is broken.I do like ur blog!could u use more examples of english slang?thanks!!

  2. Hello and sorry to take soooooo long to reply your comment. I also say "hacer picadillo" or "estar hecho picadillo" with that meaning. Language is one rich field...Originally, the blog was designed for learners of Spanish. However, I also offer the English equivalent (English slang in return, more often than not). I am happy you like it :)